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Sammie Mackenzie

Before I joined Ignition Radio I was spending my days doing nothing but looking for jobs which I wouldn’t get as I had no experience in the section I was looking for.  I came to Ignition Radio from DISC which the jobcentre put me on with but unfortunately I am only attending 4 weeks whereas others have been given 26 week placements.  Althought I have only been here for a short time it has given me more skills and experience than elsewhere, and so far it has built my confidence up greatly.

Ignition Radio is better than a different placement because they ask me what I want to do instead of just giving me jobs to fill the day and this helps my confidence and gives me more practical skills.

Antony Armstrong

Before coming to Ignition Radio I was unemployed and looking after my three children, my daily routine was preparing my children for school, watching news and keeping up to date with current affairs on the news I also, did lots of reading whilst interfering with computers.

My placement at Ignition Radio was organised by my advisor Michelle from pertemps.

The aspects that I have enjoyed in working for Ignition Radio are gaining experience in the skills that I have knowledge of and learning how to use them practically. Ignition Radio has helped me a tremendous amount, I have noticed increased self esteem and confidence working for Ignition Radio has taught me how to develop and improve my skills.

APM instantly connected my skill set to Ignition Radio as it matched the requirements of Ignition Radio, next day an interview was arranged, since working for Ignition Radio my life has improved dramatically, I am enjoying the work that I do, I am motivated to do more also, I have a positive mind-set due to learning and developing these skills and I love doing what I’m doing it gives me chance to develop and make new work friends and colleagues.


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